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NIEx9 Driver Manager Application Note

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About this task

A new NIEx9 from the factory has the Modbus, M-Bus, and KNX integrations pre-installed. When a new NIEx9 release is available, the existing driver and license file need to be uploaded before the device can be updated with the new release. You can obtain and upload the new NIE files by following the steps in this section.


  1. Log into the Johnson Controls employee portal. Click this link to go to the Systems Integration Services and Technology Projects Sharepoint site:
  2. In the left pane, click Downloads. The Downloads page appears.
  3. Click SIS Engineering Tools. The SIS Engineering Tools page appears. This page provides links to obtain the updated files for each integration.
  4. Click the integration you want (KNX, M-Bus, or Modbus) and click Save As in the dialog box at the bottom of the page to save the zip file to a location on your computer.
  5. Browse to where you saved the zip file, open it, and extract the files to the original package directory.
  6. Open the Download Solutions tab.
    Note: The data in the Download Solutions tab is compiled when the NIEx9 Driver Manager connects to the NIEx9. If the solutions are added to the folder after the connection, the list is not updated. Download the packages and place them in the proper folder before performing the connection.

    The green colored rows are the solutions copied from the NIE device and stored in the working directory. The white rows are the solutions (packages) that are present in the default directory, including any updated packages (Figure 1).

    Figure 1. Download Solutions Tab

  7. Select the files you want to download to the NIE and click Download.

    The files are downloaded from your computer to the NIE. This process could take several minutes to complete. A message appears stating the download was successful.

  8. Reboot the NIE device (Optional).
    Note: The manual reboot is necessary only for NIE59 at release 5.2.