Connecting to the NIEx9 - Metasys - LIT-12011919 - Supervisory Device - Network Engine - 7

NIEx9 Driver Manager Application Note

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Network Engine
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  1. Click the Connection tab.
  2. Type your current username and password for logging in to the NIEx9, or click Load to paste in your user credentials into the User ID and Password fields (if you previously saved these credentials).
  3. In the upper-right corner of the window, set the desired device type and the software version.
  4. Browse to the desired working folder.
  5. Click Discover. The window refreshes with a list of NIEs and NAEs found on the network.
  6. Select the NIE to which you want to connect.
  7. Click Connect.

    During the connection process, the NIEx9 Driver Manager verifies the presence of the communication drivers and license on the NIEx9. The lower pane of the Driver Manager interface shows information about the connection and the subsequent file discovery.

    Figure 1. Connection Tab - Before Connection with Discovery Performed

    If the connection process was successful, the top bar becomes green (Figure 2).

    Figure 2. Connection Tab - After Connection

    Table 1. Connection Tab Descriptions



    Connect to (Name or IP Address)

    Type in the IP address (or Domain Name System [DNS] name) of the NIEx9 to which you want to connect.

    Device Type

    Select the type of NIEx9 that you want to connect (NIE29, NIE39, NIE49 or NIE59).

    User ID

    The NIEx9 administrator user (default: MetasysSysAgent).


    The NIEx9 administrator password specified in the text box.

    Selected Working Folder

    The project working folder. Select from the list configured in the Application Settings tab.

    Stored Password

    These buttons allow you to load or save the password to easily log in to the engine.

    Load: retrieves the stored password from the application settings and fills in the Password field.

    Save: stores the password currently in use to the application's settings for later retrieval.


    Creates the list of NIEs and NAEs from the network.


    Connects to the NIEx9 entered in the Device Name or IP field.


    Disconnects the Driver Manager from the NIEx9.

    Note: Clicking Disconnect does not exit the NIEx9 Driver Manager application.

    Connect UI

    Connects to the Metasys user interface.

    Johnson Controls Launcher must be installed.

    Connect FTP

    Connects to the FTP server and is enabled when the NIEx9 is an NIE29, 39, or 49.

    Enabled for the NIE59 only if the Filezilla FTP client is installed.