Licensing the NAE85 - Metasys - LIT-12011530 - Supervisory Device - NAE85 Network Automation Engine - 12.0

NAE85 Installation and Upgrade Guide

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NAE85 Network Automation Engine
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Installation Guide
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You must license the NAE85 when you install new NAE85 software at any release. You must re-license the NAE85 after a major upgrade, for example, Release 11.0 to Release 12.0. You can continue to use the same license if you upgrade to a minor release. To verify whether your software is licensed, see Verifying and maintaining the software license.

If you try to log on to an NAE85 that is not licensed, an Unlicensed Software Detected dialog box appears with the option to Open License Manager. Click Open License Manager to open the Software Manager.

You must license the NAE85 software with the Software Manager and also license the 15,000 object upgrade. The base product license is required for the NAE85 to operate. The 15,000 object upgrade license is required only for cases where the NAE85's object count exceeds 10,000 objects. Both licenses are activated through the Software Manager. Using the Windows Start menu, enter Software Manager in the search field and select Software Manager from the search results. Refer to Software Manager Help (LIT-12012389) for more information.

Note: All system-generated warnings and error messages related to licensing are logged by the NAE85 at: Using a Server 2016 with an NAE85 this location is Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer, etc. Licensing issues detected by the Software Manager are logged in a separate location. Refer to Software Manager Help (LIT-12012389).