Verifying and maintaining the software license - Metasys - LIT-12011530 - Supervisory Device - NAE85 Network Automation Engine - 11.0

NAE85 Installation and Upgrade Guide

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NAE85 Network Automation Engine
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Installation Guide
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You must have an active, valid license in order for the NAE85 to be fully functional. On the Start screen, in the Search field, enter Software Manager, and select Software Manager from the Apps results to verify that the NAE85 has an active license. If the license for the NAE85 shows the status Unlicensed in the Software Manager, go to the Licensing the NAE85 section.

If the object count of the NAE85 exceeds 10,000 objects, you need the 15,000 object upgrade license. You must license the 15,000 object upgrade in the Software Manager. You must not exceed 25,000 objects. If it exceeds the object limit, a warning message appears in the Metasys SMP UI. You also receive a warning message if you download an archive database from SCT that exceeds your object count limit. Warning messages appear every 10 minutes until you delete enough objects to return within your limit, or license the 15,000 upgrade if you have not already done so on the NAE85 machine.

Note: To check the object count at any time, see the Object Count field on the Diagnostic tab of the NAE85.