Troubleshooting - Metasys - LIT-12013151 - System Integration - CCURE-Victor Integration - 10.0

NAE Commissioning for C•CURE-victor Integration Application Note

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CCURE-Victor Integration
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Application Note
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Table 1. Troubleshooting
Problem Solution

The integration trunk displays an Offline status

Verify that the value in Vendor DLL field is correct for engine. The value for the dll is case sensitive. Enter the values exactly as shown in Table 1.

Command the engine to Archive and then reset the engine to bring the integration back online.

The device is online but the points are not correctly updated

Check that the related points are correctly configured in C•CURE or victor, and verify that the object type is available in Metasys. See Introduction.

If a data source is connected to more than one object, the point may only update in one of those objects. For example, if a door contact is linked to a Door object and an Input object, changes in state may only be reported through the Door object.

Not all of the devices are present in the SMP or SCT

Export the configuration from the C•CURE or victor server, generate a new .imp file in MCT, and then verify that the missing items are present in the list of points.

The integration trunk is online but the devices, or part of them, are offline.

Check that the following vendor parameters related to the connection with the victor web service is correctly configured according the C•CURE-victor installation:

  • IP Address
  • AppRef
  • Username
  • Password

To verify that the victor web service is running correctly, open a web browser and navigate to http://[IP address or hostname of the webservice]/victorWebService. If the web service is running correctly, a web page appears that shows details of the web service. If an error page is displayed in the browser, there is a fault with the service.

Verify that the C•CURE-victor license is correctly installed on the server with the correct options and matches the installed version of C•CURE-victor. See Design Considerations.

Verify that the imported devices match the actual devices in the C•CURE-victor configuration, and, for each device, verify that the first parameter in the Vendor Configuration Data contains the correct GUID from C•CURE-victor.

If the devices are not the same, re-import the .imp file generated from MCT. See Transferring device and point information.