Inserting field devices and points into an SCT archive database from MCT - Metasys - LIT-12013151 - System Integration - CCURE-Victor Integration - 10.0

NAE Commissioning for C•CURE-victor Integration Application Note

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CCURE-Victor Integration
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Application Note
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About this task

If you use SCT to configure the integration, you can transfer device and point information directly from MCT to SCT.


  1. In MCT, from the File menu, click Insert into SCT Database.
  2. Enter a User ID and Password to connect to SCT installed on the same computer.
    Figure 1. Connecting to SCT from MCT

  3. Click Connect.
  4. Select the Archive database, then select the VND Integration.
    Note: If the archive database does not include a VND integration, open the archive in SCT and perform an Upload from the NAE copy the integration object to the archive.
  5. Click OK. The objects are created inside the selected integration. If you chose to include Metasys UI objects, they are created inside the ADS.