Transferring device and point information - Metasys - LIT-12013151 - System Integration - CCURE-Victor Integration - 10.0

NAE Commissioning for C•CURE-victor Integration Application Note

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CCURE-Victor Integration
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Application Note
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You can export device and point information from both C•CURE 9000 and victor systems. You can import this information into MCT, convert it to a format that is compatible with a Metasys System, and then import the integration information directly into an NAE. This workflow significantly simplifies the integration process, compared to manually adding devices and points (see Manually adding devices and field points).

Note: As an alternative to the direct import of information into an NAE, you can also transfer the information from MCT into an SCT archive database. Before you begin the process of archive database configuration, perform an Upload to copy the integration settings from the NAE to an SCT archive database. After you complete configuration of the archive database, perform a Download to copy the configuration from the SCT archive database to the NAE. For detailed information, refer to the Download section in the Metasys System Configuration Tool Help (LIT-12011964).
Important: If you use MCT to repeat the transfer of device and point information, you can only add new devices and points. If you re-import the same devices or points into an NAE or SCT archive, an error occurs and the import fails. You cannot use the transfer process to delete devices or points from the NAE or SCT database.