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NAE Commissioning for C•CURE-victor Integration Application Note

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CCURE-Victor Integration
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Application Note
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The following list includes examples of Smart Building opportunities that you can enable if you configure Metasys to automate multiple building systems.

  • You can create a frictionless building system behavior to help occupants while saving energy when the lights, HVAC, and plug load appliances are not on all the time. For example, you can configure valid badge access to activate lights, HVAC, and plug loads for the space.
  • You can add extra security measures that can be automated to achieve a safer environment. For example, to raise awareness of a failed access attempt, you can configure an invalid badge scan to flash the lights adjacent to the badge reader.
  • When Metasys is also integrated with Simplex, you can configure a fire alarm event to unlock doors to allow for faster evacuation.
  • You can configure numerous video analytics, for example, detected motion or crowd formation, to provide triggers in Metasys to automate lighting and HVAC behavior.
  • You can obtain building and space utilization data from a count of valid and invalid badge scans.
  • You can control the operating states of multiple building systems through a consolidated schedule or set of rules for the building, such as HVAC, lighting, and security all following the same building occupancy schedule. For example, on a snow day for a school, you can adjust the operations of all systems from a single schedule.