Sets That Do Not Map Correctly In the Point Mapping Utility - Metasys - LIT-12011829 - Field Device - VMA18 VAV Modular Assembly

N2 VMA Application Note

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VMA18 VAV Modular Assembly
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Application Note
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The table below lists sets specified in the N2 VMA pre-built application files that do not map correctly in the Point Mapping Utility. If your application is customized and contains a set that is not listed, refer to the Metasys System Enumeration Sets (LIT-12011361) to locate its number of states by counting the number of elements in the set.

Table 1. Sets That Do Not Map Correctly
Set Name Number of states
Box Mode 8
Occ Effective 4
Occ Mode 4 States 4
Occupancy Mode 3
VMA Heating 7