Online Controller Replacement - Metasys - LIT-12011829 - Field Device - VMA18 VAV Modular Assembly

N2 VMA Application Note

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VMA18 VAV Modular Assembly
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Application Note
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Use the following steps to replace the VMA14xx with a VMA1832 online:

  1. Upload the NAE to the SCT to archive the current applications.
  2. Launch the Metasys UI Site Management Portal (SMP) and locate the VMA14xx that you want to replace.
  3. Record the VMA14xx device name and N2 address.
    1. View the device in the SMP and click the Focus tab to view the VMA14xx device name (Figure 1).
      Figure 1. Viewing the VMA14xx Device Name

    2. Click the Hardware tab to view the N2 trunk address (Figure 2).
      Figure 2. Viewing the N2 Trunk Address

    3. Record the VMA14xx device name and N2 address.
  4. Locate and record the definition details for all of mapped points.
    1. In the All Items view of SMP, highlight the VMA14xx that you want to replace.
    2. Go to the Query menu and select Global Search.
    3. Verify the Search Location box contains the device name of the VMA14xx that you want to replace (Figure 3).
      Figure 3. Search Location Box

    4. Verify the Search Criteria Object Type is set to ALL (Figure 4) and then click Search.
      Figure 4. Search Criteria

    5. Without selecting any rows in the Search Results, click Copy to capture all results to the Clipboard.
    6. Open a new spreadsheet or text document (such as Microsoft® ® Excel®®) and paste the results.
    7. Repeat Steps b through f, selecting Trend in the Search Criteria Object Type.
    8. Save the results file.
      Note: Global Search results may be printed to paper or a file format (e.g. pdf, xps, etc.) or captured into a spreadsheet for reference later.
    Note: The new VMA1832 device must use the same name and address as the replaced VMA14xx device and all mapped points must use the same names in order to retain the trend and extension history and to ensure that control systems (LCT logic), graphics, and schedules work correctly.
  5. Highlight the VMA14xx controller in the Metasys UI. In the Edit menu, click Delete to delete the VMA14xx controller and all of its points and extensions.
  6. Add the replacement VMA1832 controller using the following steps:
    1. Highlight the N2 trunk in the UI.
    2. From the Insert menu, select Field Device.
    3. When the Insert Field Device Wizard appears, confirm the N2 Trunk destination and click Next.
    4. In the Select Definition Mode screen, set the Net N2 Address to the address obtained from Step 5b (Figure 5).
    5. Set the Controller Type to VND (Figure 5) and click Next to view the Identifier screen.
      Figure 5. Setting the N2 Address

    6. Set the device name in the Identifier window (Figure 6) to the name obtained in Step 3a (Figure 1) and click Next.
      Figure 6. Setting the Device Name

    7. In the Configure screen, enter a graphic reference if one exists. Change the Object Category if necessary.
    8. Click Last and Finish to end the wizard. The Extension Wizard opens.
    9. Click New for the resource selection.
    10. Click Browse to select the PRN resource file associated with the application loaded in the VMA1832 (Figure 7).
      Figure 7. Adding the PRN File

      Note: You do not need a unique PRN file for each device; you can use the same VMA1832 PRN file for each controller that uses the associated application.
    11. Click Last and Finish to end the resource installation and return you to the Extension wizard.
    12. Add any points not present in the PRN file.
    13. Add any extensions noted in Step 4.
    14. Click Done to end the Extension wizard and start the Field Device Extension wizard that allows you to add field points.
  7. Click the Field Points New button to start the Insert Point wizard. Because a resource file was previously specified, the Assisted radio button is preselected.
  8. Click the Use Point Definition File button to start the Point Mapping Utility. See Examining Units in the Point Mapping Utility for more information.
    Note: The Point Mapping Utility allows you to specify which points defined in the PRN file are mapped to Metasys. You can select individual points and folders by double-clicking them.
  9. See the mapped point definitions recorded in Step 2. In the Point Mapping Utility, add a check mark for each point in the recorded list (Figure 8).
    Figure 8. Point Mapping Utility

See Examining Units in the Point Mapping Utility for more information about the Point Mapping Utility.