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In the following example, no units are specified for a particular point.

In the Point Mapping Utility, examine the Units column for any Units boxes with no option selected. The PKUPGAIN point in Figure 1 has no option selected for Units.

Figure 1. First Units Box With No Option Selected

The corresponding ADF point in the PRN file contains no text in the Units column of the PRN file (Figure 2); therefore, no units are defined. No updates are required for this point.
Figure 2. First Corresponding PRN File

In the following example, the units are listed incorrectly.

The OCCTIME point in Figure 3 has no option selected for Units.

Figure 3. Second Units Box With No Option Selected

The corresponding point in the PRN uses minutes as the unit (Figure 4).

Figure 4. Second Corresponding PRN File

Note that the Net Point Type in the Point Mapping Utility is ADF and not ADI in Figure 5.

Figure 5. Net Point Type

Since the Net Point Type is not ADI, select minutes in the Units box to set the unit as specified in the PRN file.

In this example, the ADI point requires its set updated.

The Units box for BOXMODE point in Figure 6 is also blank. Because this point is an ADI, change the Object Type in the Point Mapping Utility to a type that supports an Enumeration Set.
Figure 6. Third Units Box With No Option Selected

The BOXMODE point entry in the PRN has its units specified as Box Mode (Figure 7). Box Mode is the name of a set, not a unit.
Figure 7. Third Corresponding PRN File

Note: You can determine Box Mode is a set rather than a unit because Box Mode does not appear in the Units box.
Since the Point Mapping Utility set the Object Type to AO, the Object Type must be changed to MO (Figure 8).
Figure 8. Setting the Object Type to AO

Note: Do not specify the set in the Mapping Utility UI. Instead, specify the set using the Metasys UI. See Updating Sets in the SMP for instructions.