Replacing a VMA14xx with a VMA1832 Controller on an NAE - Metasys - LIT-12011829 - Field Device - VMA18 VAV Modular Assembly

N2 VMA Application Note

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VMA18 VAV Modular Assembly
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Application Note
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Follow the instructions in Appendix: Understanding the SCT and Online UI Insert Point Wizard Point Mapping Utility to use the Point Mapping Utility in the Metasys® system to properly update the points for the VMA1832 controller.

You can replace the VMA14xx Series Controllers with VMA1832 controllers online at the NAE or Site Director or offline using the SCT. The procedures are similar for both online and offline controller replacements. If you perform the controller replacement online, first upload the device into the SCT to archive the changes.

  • The NAE must be downloaded if performing the replacement offline for the updates to take effect.
  • You must obtain the PRN file for the VMA1832 application before completing the following steps. See Obtaining the N2 Point List PRN File for instructions.

The VMA1832 controller does not have the same device type as the VMA14xx Series Controller, so you need to change it manually in the Metasys system. Use the steps beginning in the Online Versus Offline Controller Replacement section to change the VMA1832 device type.