N2 - Box Heating Mode Output - Metasys - LIT-12011829 - Field Device - VMA18 VAV Modular Assembly

N2 VMA Application Note

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VMA18 VAV Modular Assembly
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Application Note
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This module is responsible for translating the VAV Box Mode Input and Water Flush input into the outputs required for the third-generation VAV Application. The outputs provided are System Mode, Unit Enable, and WarmupCooldown.

This module is typically placed in the Output Control column.

You can view and modify the modules in this group's logic.

Figure 1. N2 - Box Heating Mode Output

Table 1 describes the attributes used by the N2 - VAV Box Mode Input module:

Table 1. N2 - Box Heating Mode Output
Name Type Description Default Value
Box Heating Mode Output G, V The current Box Heating Mode as displayed by the VMA14xx Series Controller Set Name: VMA Heating
Occupancy Mode

The current Occupancy Status of the VAV Controller Occupied Set Name: Occ Schedule
Unocc Status

The current Unoccupied Zone State of the VAV Controller Satisfied Set Name: VAV Unocc Status
Occupied State

The current Occupied Zone State of the VAV Controller Satisfied Set Name: VAV ZNC States
Note: C - Configuration Mode Only, G - Default Element (Generated State, if applicable), SC - Simulation and Commissioning Modes Only, V - Calculated Value (Outputs)