Fixing Broken References in Imported User View - Metasys - LIT-1201535 - Supervisory Device - Network Engine

N1 Migration with the NIE Technical Bulletin

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Network Engine
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Technical Bulletin
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About this task

If references are broken in a user view, the points that have bad references produce an Item not found error message in the SCT. Broken references can occur if an NCM was assigned to the wrong NIE when the import file was generated.

You can fix these references in the Site Director or on the archive database in the SCT.


  1. Double-click or drag your user view to the right panel of the NIE UI. The tree view of your user view appears.
  2. Click Edit at the top of the Tree View panel.
    Figure 1. User View in SCT with Edit Selection

  3. Navigate to a group containing an incorrect reference and select the point.
  4. Click the Remove icon at the top of the Tree View panel. You can also remove a point by selecting it then pressing Delete on your keyboard.
    Figure 2. Remove Incorrect Points in User View

  5. When you finish removing references, click Save at the top of the Tree View panel.
  6. Add correct references using the procedure in the Editing a User View to Show Points from NCMs Spanning Multiple NIEs section in this document.