Considerations for Partial N1 Migrations - Metasys - LIT-1201535 - Supervisory Device - Network Engine

N1 Migration with the NIE Technical Bulletin

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Network Engine
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Technical Bulletin
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For the following applications, you may need to perform a partial migration of the N1 Network:

  • Fire applications – Refer to the Metasys System Extended Architecture Fire Integration Using the BACnet Protocol Application Note (LIT-1201993).

  • Smoke applications – Refer to theMetasys System UL 864 10th Edition UUKL/ORD-C100-13 UUKLC Smoke Control System Technical Bulletin (LIT-12012487).

  • Security applications – The NIE does not support the N1 Access Control System Objects (Access Controller and Card Reader object). If D600-J controllers are connected to the existing N1 Network, use the Engineering Workstation OWS (as shown in Figure 1) to monitor access-control-specific information. The NIE does not support an interface to the P2000 system. If a Pegasys system is connected through an M5 Workstation to the existing N1 Network, use the M5 Workstation to monitor access control specific information.

  • Lighting applications – The NIE does not support the N1 Lighting Control objects (Lighting Control Device and Lighting Control Group objects). If Intelligent Lighting Controllers (ILCs) are connected to the existing N1 Network, monitor lighting control specific information with the OWS.

  • Demand limiting/load rolling (DL/LR) applications – The NIE does not provide an interface to the N1 DL/LR feature. If an existing N1 Network uses the N1 DL/LR feature, monitor and engineer the N1 DL/LR feature with the OWS, or convert over to the Metasys system DL/LR feature.

  • Do not map an ACM object to the DL/LR feature in a Metasys system; however, the ACM object at an NCM can be mapped to a Metasys system if used for monitoring only.