NC File - Metasys - LIT-1201535 - Supervisory Device - Network Engine

N1 Migration with the NIE Technical Bulletin

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Network Engine
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Technical Bulletin
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The NC file contains a database of hardware and software objects for a particular NCM. Each NCM device on the N1 Network has one NC file. You can import the DDL files for a particular N1 Network, or a subset of the NCMs on the N1 Network, down to the NCM level.

The NC file defines a unique NC database that resides in each NCM, corresponding to the archive database held in the OWS. To get the latest NC file, upload the NCM database to the archive OWS and perform the UNDDL process.

An archive OWS can hold multiple NCM databases; however, more than one archive OWS may be defined on the N1 Network. If more than one archive OWS exists, perform the UNDDL process on all archive OWSs.