Adding Averaging Extensions to Objects - Metasys - LIT-1201535 - Supervisory Device - Network Engine

N1 Migration with the NIE Technical Bulletin

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Network Engine
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Technical Bulletin
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About this task

If an object from the Metasys N1 Network has an averaging attribute attached to the object when the object is imported to the Metasys system, then the object has a corresponding averaging extension in the Metasys system.


  1. Click New in the Averaging row of the Extensions Wizard. The Insert Averaging Wizard Select Attribute screen appears.
  2. Click other to show the list of attribute options.
  3. Select an object to which you want to add the Alarm extension (in the top half of the screen) and select an attribute (in the bottom half of the screen), then click Next.
    Figure 1. Insert Averaging Wizard - Select Attribute Screen

  4. Follow the prompts in the wizard to complete the addition of an Alarm Extension. When you are done adding extensions, they are listed on the Extension Wizard screen.
    Figure 2. Extension Wizard with Extensions Added

  5. Click Done on the Extension Wizard screen when you are done adding your extensions. The Field Device Extension wizard screen appears. See Adding Field Points to a Field Device.