Replacing XBN, XRE, XRL, XRM Point Multiplex Modules - Metasys - LIT-12012005 - Field Device - N2 Controller - 13.0

Modernization Guide for N2 Controllers - Metasys

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N2 Controller
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The Point Multiplex Modules (XM) expanded the binary Input and Output capability of the earliest Metasys installations. These devices were only compatible with NCM database; they do not exist on N30, NAE/NCE, or SNE/SNC systems.

The N2-capable FEC or CGM can easily replace the point multiplexer functionality, but the base-frame hardware configuration leads to some additional expense, in addition to the replacement controller.

Consider the following:

  • FEC1611 or CGM09090 controllers replace the XBN, XRE, and XRL Point Multiplex modules.
  • Additional M4-XPMs or IOMs are required for most installations.