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Legacy VMA14xx controllers identified themselves to their N2 supervisor as a VMA device type. The VMA1832 and CVM03050-0 controllers do not support identifying themselves to their N2 supervisor as a VMA device type. As a result, you must use the CCT's N2 Mapping interface to set the VMA1832 and CVM03050-0 device type to VND and reconfigure the N2 supervisor so that the VMA1832 and CVM03050 controllers are mapped as a VND device.

Figure 1. Using CCT to set the device type to VND

Additionally, the CCT System Selection Wizard for the Single Duct VAV Box (VAV-SD) application automatically defines the VMA1832 controller's N2 point mapping table to resemble the VMA14xx controller's N2 point map. Doing so eliminates the need to change the N2 supervisor's point mapping configuration. All other VAV box control applications (for example, dual duct applications) require you to use the CCT N2 Mapping interface to manually create the N2 point mapping table.