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VAV1xx controllers support a Zone Bus for onto which you can connect TMZ Series network room sensors,TE-77 or TE-78 Series wireless temperature sensors and receivers, and M100C Series networked actuators. CVM and FEC family controllers do not support the Zone Bus, and accordingly do not support these devices. Instead, CVM and FEC family controllers feature a different technology bus called the Sensor Actuator (SA) Bus in which you can connect NS Series Network Sensors and IOM or XPM Series Expansion I/O Modules.

When you use a CVM or FEC family controller to replace a VAV1xx controller that uses a TMZ sensor, you must also replace the TMZ sensor with an NS Series Network Sensor. The NS sensor provides many of the same functions as the TMZ sensor, including zone temperature sensing, zone temperature setpoint adjustment, and LCD display. However, the NS sensor is housed in an enclosure that has a different user interface. For example, the NS sensor features a dial to adjust the zone temperature setpoint, whereas the TMZ features a pushbutton keypad. As a result, we recommend you work with your customer to help them and their building's occupants understand how to use the adjustment features of the new NS sensor.

When you use a CVM or FEC family controller to replace a VAV1xx controller that uses a TE-77 or TE-78 wireless transmitter/receiver, you must also replace the TE-77 or TE-78 with the Metasys WRZ-7860. For more information, refer to the WRZ-7860 One-to-One Wireless Room Temperature Sensing System Product Bulletin (LIT-12011410) .

When you use a CVM or FEC family controller to replace a VAV controller that uses an M100C zone bus actuator, you must replace the actuator with a non-networked actuator. For dampers, use the M9100/M9200 Series. For valves, use the VA7800/VA-7150 Series.

To control the new actuator, use the available analog output or configurable output interfaces on the CVM or FEC family controller. If none are available, add an IOM or XPM series Expansion I/O Module.