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UNT Unitary Controllers were used extensively for controlling packaged rooftop and heat pump units, small air handling units, unit ventilators, fan coils, and other terminal units serving a single zone or room. They were also frequently used as I/O devices for generic monitoring and control.

To replace a UNT controller in an application where you only use a few of its inputs, you can use the FEC1611 or CGM04060-0 controller. To replace a UNT controller in an application where most or all of its inputs are being used, you can use the FEC2611 or CGM09090-0 controller. If the FEC or CGM09090-0 controller does not have enough onboard I/O to meet the replacement application requirements, then add IOM or XPM series Expansion I/O Modules. Make note of any special application controllers, for example, for use in low or extended temperature applications. Contact your Johnson Controls representative or technical support group for best practices.