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Modernization Guide for N2 Controllers - Metasys

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When using active sensors, be sure that the FAC controller and I/O module can provide sufficient current at the voltage required by transmitters.

Current mode of Universal Input range is limited to 4-20 mA. The FAC controller does not support the 0-20 mA Analog Input range.

FAC controller power requirements are greater than DX-9100. Recalculate power requirements for all replacement configurations. Include any auxiliary devices that are also powered by the DX-9100 or its transformer. Remember to include power requirement for any DLK0350 or DIS1710 module when calculating transformer capacity.

The DX family used a slightly different communication protocol. The FAC family controllers use the N2 protocol.

The real-time clock and alarm functions available in FAC controllers support many stand-alone applications.