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RLY relay modules are frequently added to the AHU controller's binary outputs. You can reuse RLY relay modules when you replace the AHU with an FAC3613 or CGM09090. You must wire each RLY relay module to one FAC3613 or CGM09090 binary output or to one configurable output that you configure for binary output mode. If both relays on one RLY relay module are used, you must configure the FAC3613 or CGM09090 controller outputs identically. Alternatively, you can replace RLY relay modules with IOM models that have onboard relay outputs.

Figure 1. Connecting RLY Relay Modules to FAC3613 Controller

Note: Refer to M4-CG Series General Purpose Application Controller Installation Guide (Part No. 24-10143-01698) for information on the CGM09090 controller input and output locations.