Function Module (FMK) considerations - Metasys - LIT-12012005 - Field Device - N2 Controller - 13.0

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AHU controllers frequently used FMK Function Modules to provide input and output interfaces. Follow these guidelines when replacing the AHU controller and FMK Function Modules:

  • Wire each input function module (IAP, IDP) to one FAC/CGM/ IOM set for current mode.
  • Wire each output function module (OAP) to one FAC/CGM/ IOM AO or UO set for current mode.
  • Optionally, FMK modules may be replaced by equivalent products. (For example, replace OAP102/103 with EP-8000.)
  • When selecting transducers to replace OAP and OSV Function Modules, be sure to match the transducer output pressure range (psig or kPa) and volume (SCIM or SCCM) to the demands of the actuator.