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About this task

N2-configured equipment controllers support the full range of possible N2 device addresses supported by the N2 protocol standard (1-255). The FEC family controllers (FACs, FECs, VMAs) require special configuration for addresses above 127.

Note: This special configuration is required because FEC controller addresses above 127 were originally intended for use with the Wireless Field Bus system.

To set the FEC controller's N2 address to be greater than 127, follow these steps:


  1. Disconnect the 24 VAC supply from the FEC controller.
  2. Remove the FC Bus connector from the FEC controller.
  3. Set the FEC controller's address DIP switch to the desired N2 address.
  4. Set the address switch segment labeled 128 to OFF.
    Figure 1. Switch setting for address 149 with 128 segment OFF

  5. Reconnect the 24 VAC supply to the controller.
  6. Using a CCT tool connection at the FEC controller’s SA bus, download the firmware and N2-configured controller application file. The download process prompts you to confirm switching the communication protocol to N2.
  7. Click OK to accept.
  8. After the download has completed, disconnect the 24 VAC supply to the FEC controller.
  9. Set the address switch segment labeled 128 to ON.
  10. Reattach the FC Bus connector to the FEC controller.
  11. Reconnect the 24 VAC supply to the FEC controller.
    Note: No special handling is required to set a CGM or CVM controller to an N2 address greater than 127. Set the controller's rotary switches to the desired N2 address and use an SA Bus connection to download the N2-configured application file to the controller.