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CCT is the programming and commissioning tool for the Metasys N2-capable equipment controllers, and its control logic capabilities are similar but not identical to those of the legacy N2 controller programming tools (for example, HVACPro and GX Tool). No utilities are available to convert the legacy N2 controller's logic to be usable by CCT, and as a result, you need to recreate the control logic for the replacement CGM, CVM, and FEC family controller using CCT.

Recreating a UNT, VAV, VMA, or AHU controller application that was programmed with HVACPro should be straightforward. The CCT System Selection Wizard and Sideloop Wizard provide control logic creation capabilities that are nearly identical to HVACPro's Question and Answer (Q&A) wizard and Sideloop wizard.

Figure 1 shows the N2 Compatibility Options in the System Selection Tree.

Figure 1. N2 compatibility options

Recreating a DX-9100 control application that was programmed with the GX Tool is more challenging. The GX Tool was a custom programming tool which allowed the programmer to create custom control logic by connecting together various predefined logic modules to its I/O. CCT provides a similar custom programming interface using predefined logic modules, but its logic modules are significantly different from the programming palette in the GX Tool. Also the CCT programming palette is significantly different from the logic modules in the GX Tool.

Recreating a DCM or XM control application programmed with Data Definition Language (DDL), Graphical Programming Language (GPL), or JC-Basic is also a significant challenge. Many of the system-level control functions built by these tools to program Network Control Module (NCM) supervisory controllers can be recreated using system selector or custom programming in CCT but may also require extensive changes to the NCM program.

The control application programmed by CCT is significantly more advanced, containing modern control advancements such as state-based control, event-driven logic, and automatic tuning.

Note: The N2 Compatibility Options option button does not appear for Central Heating, Central Cooling Plants, and Simple Central Plants because these systems typically use custom logic. For more information on programming and downloading controllers using CCT refer to the Controller Tool Help (LIT-12011147).