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CCT includes the ability to configure the field bus networking protocol to be N2 or BACnet MS/TP. The previous sections of this document describe how you can use this feature to help support legacy N2 controller installations by providing a replacement strategy using CGM, CVM, and FEC family controllers configured for N2 field bus networking. You can also use this selectable protocol feature to provide a cost-effective, field bus modernization strategy. Once you have replaced several of the legacy N2 controllers with N2-configured CGM, CVM, and FEC family controllers, and your N2 supervisor also supports managing BACnet MS/TP field bus networks, you may want to consider reconfiguring the CGM, CVM, and FEC family controllers to use BACnet MS/TP field bus networking to gain a modern, higher performance field bus.

From a sequence-of-operation perspective, CGM, CVM, and FEC family controllers operate in the same way whether they are configured for N2 or for BACnet MS/TP; however, some differences exist. This section of the document describes the key differences between using these controllers on an N2 field bus network versus on a BACnet MS/TP field bus network to help you prevent, minimize, and overcome installation and configuration challenges.