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Metasys UI Technical Bulletin

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Metasys UI
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Technical Bulletin
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The following table lists the related documentation for the Metasys UI and Metasys UI Offline.

Table 1. Related documentation

For information about

Refer to document

How to install the Metasys Server and the Metasys UI (online) Metasys Server Installation and Upgrade Guide (LIT-12012162)

How to install the Metasys Server Lite

Metasys Server Lite Installation and Upgrade Instructions (LIT-12012258)
How to install and upgrade the OAS Open Application Server (OAS) Installation and Upgrade Guide (LIT-12013222)

How to install the SCT and the Metasys UI Offline

SCT Installation and Upgrade Instructions (LIT-12012067)

Licensing information

Software Manager Help (LIT-12012389)

Configuring of spaces and equipment for the Metasys UI

Metasys SCT Help (LIT-12011964)

Using the Metasys UI

Metasys UI Help (LIT-12011953)

Using the Metasys UI Offline

Metasys UI Offline Help (LIT-12012116)

Setting up Trends, Annotations, Alarm Extensions, and Standard Graphics in SMP or SCT

Metasys Site Management Portal Help (LIT-1201793)


Metasys SCT Help (LIT-12011964)
Creating Custom Symbols Metasys UI Custom Symbols Technical Bulletin (LIT-12013054)

Network and IT best practices for the Metasys system and the Metasys UI

Network and IT Guidance Technical Bulletin (LIT-12011279)

Simplex® Fire System integration

NAE Commissioning for Simplex Fire System Integration Application Note (LIT-12013060)