Working with Metasys system preferences - Metasys - LIT-12012115 - Server - Metasys UI - 11.0

Metasys UI Technical Bulletin

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Metasys UI
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The Metasys UI uses settings from the Metasys system preferences. The following table lists the components that use the Metasys system preferences.
Table 1. Metasys system preferences used by the Metasys UI

Metasys UI component

Metasys system preference setting

Status Colors, State Colors, and Flash Settings

Graphic Settings tab

New Alarm Indicator

Alarms (phone), Alarm Monitor, and Alarm Manager

Display Settings > View Settings

Alarm Icon based on Alarm Priority

Equipment Activity widget, Alarm Panel, Alarm Monitor, and Alarm Manager

Alarm Settings tab

Alarm Sound

Alarm Manager and Alarm Monitor

Alarm Settings tab

Audible Alarm

Not a Metasys system preference setting. This is a setting for a user.

Tools > Administrator, then right-click on the user and select Properties > User Profile > Enable Audible Alarm

Trend Chart Line Color and Line Markers

Trend Widget and Custom Trend Viewer

Trend Settings > Chart Color and Marker Preferences


Annotations tab

Building Network

Metasys administrators automatically have access to the Building Network tree.

To allow others users access to the Building Network tree, while in SMP:

Click User Properties, check the User Can View the Item Navigation Tree (Default Tree) box.