Adding the Metasys UI Offline site as a bookmark in Launcher - Metasys - LIT-12012115 - Server - Metasys UI - 11.0

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Metasys UI
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Technical Bulletin
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About this task

To add the Metasys UI Offline as a bookmark profile:


  1. Open the Launcher.
  2. On the Launcher screen, click Add, then click the Bookmark tab. The Add New Screen appears.
  3. Type a description for the profile. For example, you could specify My Metasys UI Offline in this field.
  4. Type the URL for the profile. For example, https://localhost/UIOffline if you are creating the bookmark on the SCT computer. Or, https://[host name]/UIOffline, where [host name] is the host name, server name, or IP Address of the SCT computer. Use the fully qualified computer name to avoid the certificate warning pop-up screen.
  5. Select Create Shortcut to create a shortcut icon on your desktop.
  6. Click Save. The new profile is saved, and the Launcher main screen appears with the new profile shown under the Bookmark tab. If you clicked Create Shortcut, a shortcut labeled with the Description you entered is created on the computer desktop.