Security certificate warnings - Metasys - LIT-12012115 - Server - Metasys UI - 11.0

Metasys UI Technical Bulletin

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Metasys UI
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Technical Bulletin
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When you browse to the Metasys UI, and if the Metasys UI site does not have a trusted security certificate, the web browser displays a security certificate warning.
Note: Metasys UI uses cookies as part of its protocols, so ensure that your web browser does not block all cookies before you browse to the Metasys UI.
If you see the security certificate warning, browse to the Metasys UI site by doing the following:
  • For Google® Chrome™:
    1. Tap or click Advanced.
    2. Tap or click Proceed to [IP Address], where [IP Address] is the IP Address of the ADS/ADX, OAS, or ADS-Lite computer. The Metasys UI login screen appears.
  • For Microsoft Edge: Tap or click Continue to this website (not recommended). The Metasys UI login screen appears.
  • For Apple® Safari® 11 or later: Tap or click Continue in the Cannot Verify Server Identity window. The Metasys UI login screen appears.
Note: The Metasys UI does not support auto-complete functionality for the user name or password fields.

We strongly recommend installing a trusted security certificate. For more information about security certificate implementation for the Metasys UI, refer to Metasys Server Installation and Upgrade Guide (LIT-12012162) .