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Metasys UI Technical Bulletin

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The Metasys UI Offline facilitates the following actions:

Configuring the routing and filtering of event and audit messages within the Metasys UI
With the Remote Notifications feature you can configure the routing and filtering of event and audit messages directly in the Metasys UI for each server or engine, without installing software on client machines. The Remote Notifications feature is known as the Destination Delivery Agents (DDAs) feature in SMP. Starting at Release 10.1, all Server Remote Notifications are created and modified in Metasys UI and no longer in SMP. However, SMP management of Server DDAs is still available for MVE sites.
Creating and managing graphics
Use the Graphics Manager and Graphics Editor to create and manage graphics and their associations for the Metasys UI graphics. You can import and export Custom Symbols into the Graphics Library with the new Custom Symbols Library. Custom Symbol Libraries integrate seamlessly with the base graphics package. With the Graphics Manager, you can also manage associations for supported legacy graphics. When the graphics are associated with a space, equipment, or equipment definition, you can view the graphics on the associated Equipment dashboard or Space dashboard. You can bind graphics to an equipment definition with the Graphics Association Manager for Aliased Graphics feature, so that all equipment associated with that definition will be assigned the graphic automatically. You can also bind Network Tree items to graphics with the Building Network Tree binding option in the Graphics Editor. The binding tree is context-sensitive, which ensures that the binding tree opens to the appropriate space or equipment when the user launches the Graphics Editor from a particular space or equipment. Lastly, you can edit an existing path that was drawn with the drawing tool with the Path Tool editing feature.
Navigating by Building Network
The Building Network provides access to all objects using an alternative navigation tree to the Spaces tree. The Building Network organizes objects according to the Metasys component hierarchy, similar to the All Items tree in the Site Management Portal. The Building Network supports a Focus view, Summary view, Network view, and Trend view. Object listed in the Building Network tree are identified by name and by icon and includes Global Status indicators.
Navigating by Spaces
Validates the spaces configuration. Spaces help you organize the information displayed for the Metasys system into physical locations (a campus and buildings) and areas within those locations (floors, zones, and rooms).
Navigating by User menu
Access Administrative Tasks, Help, Archive, and Log Out in the User menu.
Searching by space and equipment
Search looks for the exact string that is contained in the space or equipment name. For example, if you search floor, the results include any space or equipment with the word floor contained in the name of any given space. Or, if you search fan, the results include any equipment with the word fan. You can also search words and phrases with varying case and obtain the same search results.
Show Involvement
Starting at Release 11.0, you can use the Involvement widget to see a visual representation of how objects are related and impacting one another in the Metasys system. Operators can determine more easily if troubleshooting is needed and they can identify everything that could impact an object's controlled state and everything that an object could impact. This makes the troubleshooting process faster and more efficient.
Viewing a site by dashboards
Validates the spaces and equipment configuration. The Space dashboard provides a cohesive summary of the selected space, including the equipment that serves the space. The Equipment dashboard provides a cohesive summary of a selected piece of equipment.
Viewing legacy Graphics+ Graphics and Standard Graphics:
View graphics associated with a space or a piece of equipment. Graphics can be designed to allow you to navigate to buildings, floors, and other areas, and to view building systems and control processes.
Viewing point information
View a point's fully qualified reference (FQR).