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Metasys UI Technical Bulletin

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Metasys UI
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Technical Bulletin
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SCT is used for offline configuration of the Metasys system, including the Metasys UI and Metasys UI Offline. The site archives created and managed in SCT contain all the configuration for the Metasys UI and Metasys UI Offline. When you edit a site archive with the Metasys UI configuration, you must load configuration changes created in SCT to the Site Director or the engine for settings to take effect. Before loading configuration changes to the Site Director or the network engine, validate your changes by accessing the site archive in the Metasys UI Offline.

The key features and functions that SCT provides for the Metasys UI and Metasys UI Offline include the following:

  • Create space objects, equipment objects, and equipment definition objects using the Facility menu options.
  • Manage multiple site archives in one local instance of SCT.
  • Access a single archive with multiple users at once, enabling simultaneous updates. However, keep in mind that simultaneous archive updates exhibit a last user wins behavior.
  • Associate Graphics+ graphics and Standard graphics to space objects, equipment objects, and field controllers to view in the Metasys UI and Metasys UI Offline.
  • Upgrade the site archives to SCT version 14.0, so you can access the archives in the Metasys UI Offline and validate the spaces and equipment configuration, in addition to the graphics associations.
Important: SCT is backward compatible with older Metasys releases, but Metasys UI Offline is not compatible with older releases of Metasys UI. Therefore, ensure that you edit Metasys UI graphics with a matching version of Metasys UI or Metasys UI Offline. The following table lists the Metasys Release versions with their matching SCT/Metasys UI Release versions:
Table 1. Metasys version with matching SCT and Metasys UI versions
Metasys version SCT/Metasys UI version
11.0 SCT 14.0/Metasys UI 5.0
10.1 SCT 13.2/Metasys UI 4.1
10.0 SCT 13.0/Metasys UI 4.0
9.0 SCT 12.0/Metasys UI 3.0
8.1 SCT 11.1/Metasys UI 2.1
8.0 SCT 11.0/Metasys UI 2.0
7.0 SCT 10.0/Metasys UI 1.0