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How do I create a schedule object?

The Schedule object resides in an engine or controller and is the internal basis for the Scheduling feature. See Creating and deleting objects for more information about creating an object. You can add your Scheduled Items when you create a new schedule object by completing the information in the Schedule tab of the Create Item window.
Note: You can edit the unique identifier during schedule object creation only. The unique identifier is used in the automatic creation of the item reference.

What is the difference between a Schedule summary widget and a Schedule widget?

The Schedule summary widget is a summary view of all schedules within the space and child spaces you are currently viewing. You can open the Schedule summary widget when you click on a Space and then select Schedule from the page drop-down list in the upper right of the dashboard. Click on an individual schedule listed in the summary to open the Schedule widget. See Schedule summary widget and Schedule widget for more information.
Note: For MVE on Metasys UI, see Schedule widget for MVE on Metasys UI and Schedule summary widget for MVE on Metasys UI for more information.

Are the Schedule summary widget and the Schedule widget supported on all devices?

Yes, the Schedule widgets are supported on desktop, tablets, and smartphones.