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What is the Event widget?

Event is a widget of the Event Enrollment object. The Event Enrollment object’s attributes represent and contain information for managing events. Events are changes in the value or state of an object that meet specific criteria. The Event Enrollment object defines the event criteria and provides a connection between an event and a notification message sent to recipients. You can use the Event widget to configure event algorithms and an attribute reference that is monitored to report events.

What are the requirements to use the Event widget?

You require View and Modify Items permission to configure the details in the Event widget.
Note: For MVE on Metasys UI, Event widget for MVE on Metasys UI for more information.

How do I access the Event widget?

  1. Click on the Event Enrollment object in the Network tree.
  2. Event is the default widget on Page 1.

How do I use the Event widget?

You can change the Event Parameters by clicking the Edit icon in the upper-right corner of the Event widget.
Figure 1. Event widget in Edit mode