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What is live trending?

You can plot real time trend values for any trendable object that does not have a trend extension on its default attribute. This functionality is called live trending. The live trend data is cleared when you log out, when you close or navigate away from the trend chart, or when your session times out.

All trend charts except Trend Study support live trending. The trend chart needs to be in raw data mode for live trending to work.

What do I do if values appear as a thin line and markers are not visible by default?

When you add points where dynamic updates get plotted, the values may appear as a thin line and markers may not be visible by default, even if the Trend widget is maximized. Zoom in to the latest time to see the dynamic updates and values more clearly.

Is the Trend widget supported on all devices?

Yes, the Trend widget is supported on desktop, tablets, and smartphones.