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What is the Engineering View?

The Engineering View is a widget that is available for integration objects. You can view and edit the attributes of devices and points on an integration with the Engineering View. The Engineering View also provides a visual indication, in the form of a blue check mark, to distinguish between mapped and unmapped objects. The Engineering View is supported on integration objects, including BACnet/IP, XL5K, N1 Migration, Field Bus MS/TP, N2 Trunk, LON Trunk, and VND integration.

What are the requirements to use the Engineering View?

You require View permission of the integration object on which you need to initiate discovery. You also require Modify Items permission to edit the attributes of the device or point.

How do I access the Engineering View?

  1. Click on the integration object in the Network tree.
  2. Click the Page 1 drop-down list in the upper-right corner of the dashboard and select the page that shows the Engineering View.

Can I discover points on a newly created integration object?

Yes. After you create an integration object, go to the Engineering View of the integration object. A prompt appears for you to initiate auto-discovery on the empty node.

How do I edit the attributes of a device or point?

  1. Open the Engineering View of the integration object whose attributes you want to edit..
  2. Click on the device or point that you want to edit. A summary of the selected device or point opens in the right pane of the widget.
  3. Edit the relevant fields, as applicable.
The following figure shows the Engineering View with the Summary pane.
Figure 1. Engineering View