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What is the Software Update Notification feature?

The purpose of the Software Update Notification feature is to identify software updates for ADS/ADX, ADS-Lite A, ADS-Lite E, OAS, NAE85 and LCS85. This includes software updates for patches, minor releases, and major releases. Software Manager data is thereby displayed directly in the Metasys UI.

Who can use the Software Update Notification feature?

This feature is applicable to Administrator users only.

Is the Software Update Notification feature always available?

Software update notifications are not available if the Software Manager is configured for no online connection (offline only), or if the Software Manager does not have Internet connectivity. Update information is also unavailable when the host machine for Metasys UI is not connected to the Internet.

Note: For MVE on Metasys UI, see Software update notifications for MVE on Metasys U for more information.

Do I get notifications about all available updates?

The notifications in Metasys UI are limited to the most recent software update relevant to Metasys UI. The software update feature identifies the latest software update for the Metasys server products, based on which one is installed with Metasys UI. For example, if your Metasys UI is installed with a Metasys OAS, you will see OAS update notifications only.

Where do I see the software update notification?

If you are a Metasys administrator, you see the software update notification as a pop-up message on the main Metasys UI screen each time you log in. The message contains the relevant Metasys version, and a link to Details, which redirects you to the About window. The notification continues to display on the main Metasys UI screen until you close the notification by clicking x.

When an update is available, you also see a blue bubble icon next to Help and About in the User menu.

How do I access information about available software updates after I close the notification on the main Metasys UI screen?

After you close a notification on the main Metasys UI screen, you can view a listing of the latest available software update in the What's New section of the About window. To access the About window, go to the User menu Help > About.

Why are there no software updates listed in my About window?

The software update listing in the About window is empty if your software is already up to date, or if an error occurred when attempting to retrieve software updates.

Where can I see older software updates that are available to download?

The Metasys UI listing of the latest available software update for each product includes only the most recent update for a particular product. Go to the Software Manager on your Metasys Server to check for older updates to download.

Is the Software Update Notification feature available in JCT?

Currently, the feature is provided in Metasys UI only.

How do I download the available software update?

You can download the available software update from the Software Manager on the Metasys Server. Refer to Software Manager Help (LIT-12012389) for more information.