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What are Views?

Views are user-defined navigation trees that contain references to selected items from the Network tree. See Views for more information.

Who can view Views?

You can view Views if any User Views are assigned to you. Metasys administrators assign User Views in User Management.

Extended Labels

By default, the items within the Network tree and user navigation trees in Views display with their standard labels. When you enable extended labels in your user preferences, Metasys UI displays additional information in the item labels within navigation trees. An extended label shows the unique identifier that was defined when the object was initially created, in braces next to the standard label. This is also the last part of the object's Item Reference (Fully Qualified Reference). The object’s name may be the same as the unique identifier, or it may have been edited as a label that is more recognizable to the user.

For more information on unique identifiers, see How do I manually create and configure an object or integration?.

For example, Standard Label = N2 Trunk 1, Extended Label = N2 Trunk {N2-1}.

To toggle extended labels in navigation trees, change the setting in My Profile as follows:
  1. Open My Profile through the User menu.
  2. Click or tap Display.
  3. Change the value for Extended labels enabled on login. Select True to display extended labels. Select False
  4. Click or tap Save.
Note: Changes to your extended labels setting take effect the next time you log in. To have the setting take effect without having to log out and log back in, reload your browser. to display standard labels.