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You can configure network items with the Tree Settings icon in the Create and Delete Objects toolbar. For example, you can choose to show or hide extensions on Servers and Engines, or you can organize the Network tree.
Note: In Views, you can show or hide extensions, but you cannot reorganize the navigation tree.
Table 1. Tree Settings icon
Icon Icon name Icon description

Tree Settings Shows hidden extensions or changes the way the items are organized in the navigation tree.

How do I show hidden extensions?

Beginning at Release 12.0 , by default, extensions on servers and engines are hidden to reduce the number of child objects in the tree. You can show hidden extensions in the Network tab and in the Views tab. When the extensions are hidden in the Network tree, they are also hidden in the Views navigation, and vice versa.
  1. Click the Tree Settings icon.
  2. Select Show Hidden Extensions.

How do I organize Network tree items?

You can organize Network tree items in the Network tab with the Organize Tree feature.
  1. Click the Tree Settings icon.
  2. Click Organize Tree.
  3. Move single or multiple items under the same parent up or down with the up and down arrows. Press the Shift or Ctrl key to select multiple items. You can also perform a drag-and-drop operation to move single or multiple items. Press Esc to stop a drag-and-drop operation.
  4. Sort the items under the same parent in an ascending or descending order with the ascending (A-Z) and descending (Z-A) arrows.
    Note: The sorting feature recognizes a continuous list of selected items only. In addition, if any folders are included in the selected items, they are sorted to appear before any extensions.
  5. Click the check mark to save your changes. Click the x to cancel your changes and close the Organize Tree feature.
  6. Refresh the web browser to see your changes.
Note: You cannot add or remove items in the tree with the Organize Tree feature. Use the Create or Delete feature to complete those actions.
Note: The Organize Tree feature is not available for Views.

Who can use the Organize Tree feature?

Standard and API access type users with the Manage Sites and Devices system privilege and the User Can View the Item Navigation Tree (Default Tree) profile permission can use the Organize Tree feature. Tenant access type users cannot access the Organize Tree feature.

I cannot move or sort an object in the Organize Tree feature. What is the reason for this?

There are certain restrictions in the Organize Tree feature:
  • You cannot order the Site and Archive items.
  • You cannot order items within devices prior to version 5.2.
  • Items cannot change their own parent or children. You can move items within their current level only.

Are changes to the Network tree saved for all users?

Yes. When you save your changes to the order of items in the Organize Tree feature, the same order is reflected everywhere else in Metasys UI or JCT for all users. If the changes do not appear immediately, you may have to refresh the page or log in to Metasys UI or JCT again.

Are changes to the Network tree tracked?

Yes. Any change to the Network tree is tracked as an audit. Audits are recorded in the audit repository and displayed in System Activity.

Is the Organize Tree feature supported on all devices?

The Organize Tree feature is supported on desktop only.