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What are Summary Definitions and Tailored Summaries?

You use Summary Definitions to define the criteria and content of a Tailored Summary. A Tailored Summary is the live display associated with a Summary Definition, and applies to the online system only.

Summary Definitions and Tailored Summaries provide an easy way to view and modify large quantities of similar data in a tabular format in Metasys UI. These features also help to monitor and troubleshoot the system. You configure Summary Definitions in SMP or SCT.

Who can use the Tailored Summary Viewer?

You can use the Tailored Summary Viewer if you meet the following requirements:
  • User View has one or more folders that have a Summary Definition in them.
  • Summary Definition is created and all attributes are configured. Optionally, the key data items are configured.
  • Permission to view Summary Definition objects

How do I access the Tailored Summary Viewer?

  1. In the navigation panel on the left of your Metasys UI dashboard, click Views.
  2. Select the required User View from the list.
  3. Click on the required folder in the User View tree. The Summary View widget opens.

What is the Tailored Summary Viewer?

You can use the Tailored Summary Viewer to view tailored summaries by using configured Summary Definitions. The following figure and table outline the layout of the Tailored Summary Viewer.
Figure 1. Tailored Summary Viewer
Table 1. Tailored Summary Viewer callouts
Number Name Description
1 Summary list Displays a list of Summary Definitions. The data in the table is a Tailored Summary that is based on the selected Summary Definition. Select the Summary Definition or Standard Summary that you want from the Summary list.
2 Data columns Data displayed in the data columns is updated dynamically. The first column depicts any object status other than Normal. A graphics icon displays if the object in a row has a graphic associated. Click the graphics icon to navigate to the associated graphic.
3 View In icon Click the View In icon and then Advanced Search & Reporting. Select the column heading link to open Advanced Search for objects in that column. You can bulk modify and bulk command objects in Advanced Search & Reporting, or create a report using those objects.
Note: When you view the objects for a Tailored Summary in Advanced Search & Reporting, objects display their default attribute, which may not be the attribute displaying in the Tailored Summary.
4 Export icon
Exports the selected summary data to a .pdf or .csv file.
Note: The export functionality is not supported on tablets and smartphones.