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A Load extension is added to an output object (only one load extension for each object) to specify that the object should be controlled by Energy Management. Each Load extension object is configured with the load (energy) rating of its output and the attribute value or state to write to its output object when the Load object is shed.

The DLLR object determines how much energy needs to be reduced, based on its configuration and the energy rate from a meter, if the demand limiting strategy is defined. The DLLR object orders as many Loads as needed to shed to reduce the energy usage by the required amount. The Loads can be on the same supervisory device as the DLLR object, or on another supervisory device, but must be within the same site. Each shed Load writes its configured Output Shed Command attribute value to the Present Value attribute of its output, which decreases energy usage.

For information on the features and operation of DLLR, refer to the DLLR Technical Bulletin (LIT-12011288).