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What do the icons in the Saved From Search tab represent?

The following table describes the icons that you see in the Saved From Search tab.

Table 4. Saved From Search tab icons
Icon Icon name Description
Edit Edit a report.
Enable/Disable switch Click on the switch to enable or disable an individual report.
Re-run Re-run a report with the previously selected delivery option.
Delete Delete a report.

What are the prerequisites for scheduling a report?

You can access the Schedule Report feature only, if you have the Schedule Reports system privilege. You can assign this system privilege to users in the User Management feature. For more information about assigning a system privilege see How do I edit a user? What are my edit options? in User Management.

Before you can schedule a report, configure your email settings in the Remote Notifications feature of Metasys UI. See How do I change the settings in the Remote Notifications feature? in Remote Notifications for more information. Only Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) type email settings are supported. POP Before SMTP type email settings are not supported for the Schedule Report feature.

Note: If the file size of the generated report exceeds the email server limit, which is by default 20MB, the report generation is successful, but the email delivery of the Scheduled Report may fail.

How do I make a network location accessible to the Reporting feature?

  1. Create a folder on the network.
  2. Configure Sharing for the folder to share with Everyone.
  3. Set the Permission Level for Everyone to Read/Write.

How do I run a base report?

  1. Open the User menu.
  2. Click Advanced Search & Reporting.
  3. Click the Reports tab.
  4. Click the Base tab.
  5. Select the required report type from the Select Report Type list.
  6. For the User Account report type, select SITE DIRECTOR to run the report. For all other report types, to run the report on the entire site, select ENTIRE SITE. To run the report on one or more specific devices, select SPECIFIC DEVICE(S), select the required devices in the Select Device(s) window, and click RUN.
    Note: The report completion time is proportional to the number of devices selected.