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The Network tree and user navigation trees in Views provide similar functionality on an MVE site as for a non-MVE site, with differences noted in the following sections.

Organize Tree: When you use the Organize Tree feature within the Network tree, you are prompted for MVE validation if the site object requires an MVE annotation or MVE electronic signature. Refer to How do I organize Network tree items? for more details.

Validation Labels: Validation labels indicate the MVE validation requirements for each object in a navigation tree by listing whether the object requires an MVE Annotation, an MVE electronic signature, both, or neither.

Use the following steps to enable and show the validation labels for the Network tree and any user navigation trees in Views:
  1. Click the Tree Settings icon for the navigation tree. Refer to Tree settings for more details.
  2. Select Show Validation Labels.
When validation labels are enabled for the navigation trees, (Signature) appears next to the object in the trees when the object requires an MVE electronic signature. Similarly, (Annotation) appears when the object requires an MVE annotation. If both an MVE electronic signature and an MVE annotation are required, both labels appear, where the Signature label is always listed first. If neither are required, no validation labels are shown for that object.
Note: If you have enabled Extended Labels, the validation labels are listed after the extended labels.

For examples of validation labels in navigation trees, see figure below.

Figure 1. Validation Labels