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The My Profile feature in MVE on Metasys UI provides the same functionality on an MVE site as for a non-MVE site, with any differences noted below. Refer to My Profile for more information.

The Details tab in My Profile includes a subset of your user account settings, which you can modify if you have the appropriate permissions. When you make changes in the Details tab to settings other than your password, you are prompted for MVE Validation if the site object requires an MVE electronic signature and/or MVE annotation. If you change only your password through the Details tab in My Profile, you are not prompted for MVE Validation.

Note: The Details tab includes your alarm setting for enabling audible alarms.

The Display and Trend tabs in My Profile provide settings for your user preferences. You are not prompted for MVE validation for changes made to settings on these tabs.

Note: The Display tab includes the setting for enabling extended labels in your navigation trees.

The Privileges & Access tab is read-only for both MVE and non-MVE sites.