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For MVE on Metasys UI, the MVE Validation window appears whenever you take any action in the Metasys UI that requires you to re-authenticate and provide an MVE annotation, MVE electronic signature, or both, based on the MVE site configuration. The MVE Validation window contains fields for you to enter your username and password and to select or type an MVE electronic signature reason, MVE annotation, or both.

When does the MVE Validation window display?

The MVE validation window displays when you perform various actions. Some of the actions are listed below:

How do I use the MVE Validation window?

When the MVE Validation window displays, complete the following actions:
  1. Provide the same username and password as you used to log in to Metasys UI.
    Note: If you logged in to Metasys UI using an Active Directory account, include the domain in your username as shown in My Profile. For example:
    Note: In the Username field, Metasys UI includes an eye symbol that you can click to toggle the visibility of the characters you type into that field. Certain browsers and browser extensions provide a different eye or other symbol in the Username and Password fields to reveal the typed characters. This can result in two different symbols in the Username field. To hide or disable the browser-provided password reveal symbol, see the documentation for the browser or browser extension.
  2. Provide an MVE electronic signature reason, MVE annotation, or both. You may select from any predefined strings or type into the provided fields.
    Note: The MVE Validation window includes only the required fields, so it may include both the MVE electronic signature reason field and the MVE annotation field, or it may include only one of those fields.
  3. Click or tap OK to submit the MVE Validation form.
    Note: If you cancel the MVE validation window, you are returned to the previous screen where you may either cancel your action or try again.
  4. After you submit the MVE Validation window, the Metasys UI will proceed with the action.
    Note: The Metasys UI will display a message if the MVE Validation fails for any reason. In some cases, such as for an invalid username or password, the MVE validation window will stay open so you can correct the issue and then resubmit it. In other cases, such as an expired validation time or changed validation requirements, the Metasys UI will cancel and automatically close the MVE Validation window. If the Metasys UI cancels the MVE Validation window, simply retry the action to reopen the window and try again.