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Graphics Manager and Graphics Editor: Graphics Manager and Graphics Editor are available in the Metasys UI for only non-MVE sites. For an MVE site, use Graphics Manager in JCT to manage, create, delete, and modify Metasys UI graphics. Refer to Graphics Manager and Graphics Editor for more details.

After any changes to Metasys UI graphics in JCT, use the Synchronize (Sync) operation in SCT to update the live system.
Note: When using the Sync operation in SCT after updating Metasys UI graphics, any currently logged on Metasys UI users will be logged out. SMP UI users remain logged on.
Note: If extensive changes are made to the Metasys archive using JCT or SCT, you must use Download instead of Sync from SCT. Download always logs out all users from both SMP UI and Metasys UI.

Remote Notifications: For MVE on Metasys UI, the Remote Notifications feature is available for only Metasys administrators and can be used to configure only Announcement type notifications. Metasys UI does not require MVE validation to create, delete, or modify Announcement notifications.

To configure the email server for announcements and to configure any DDA type notifications, such as email, printer, SNMP, and Syslog on an MVE site, use SMP or configure the email server and DDAs offline in JCT (ADX and child engines) or SCT (child engines only).
Note: Alarm escalation for an ADX's Email DDA is visible in JCT but is supported for only non-MVE sites.

On a non-MVE site, Remote Notifications allows authorized non-administrator users to configure the email server and any DDA type notifications using Metasys UI. Refer to Remote Notifications for more details.

Trend Study Manager: The Trend Study Manager feature is used to create, modify, and delete trend studies. It is also used to associate existing trend studies to spaces and equipment. The Trend Study Manager provides similar functionality on an MVE site as for a non-MVE site with the following differences.
  • When you modify or delete a validated trend study from the Trend Study Manager, you are prompted for MVE validation.
  • When you create a new trend study, you are prompted for MVE validation if the parent folder for the trend study requires an MVE annotation and/or MVE electronic signature.
Note: You are not prompted for MVE validation when you change trend study associations to spaces and equipment.
Note: Metasys UI trend studies created through the Trend Study Manager appear in the All Items trees in SCT, but do not appear within navigation trees in the Metasys UI. To check the validation labels for a Metasys UI trend study that was created using Trend Study Manager, use SCT. Refer to Configuring required MVE electronic signatures and MVE annotations for more information.
Dashboards Manager: Dashboards Manager does not require any MVE validation. The Dashboards Manager for MVE on Metasys UI provides the same functionality on an MVE site as for an non-MVE site. Refer to Dashboards Manager for more details.
Note: Changes made in Dashboards Manager are not audited.

Fault Manager: Fault Manager is available on non-MVE sites after licensing the Fault Detection or Fault Triage features. Licensing of those features is supported for only non-MVE sites. Refer to Licensing for MVE sites versus non-MVE sites for more information.