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Deleting objects using Metasys UI on an MVE site is similar to the functionality on a non-MVE site, with the following differences.

When you delete an object from the Network tree or a user navigation tree in Views, you are prompted for MVE validation if the object you selected requires an MVE annotation and/or MVE electronic signature.

When you select an object to delete that has nested child objects, MVE validation is based on the object you selected for deletion, and does not check if any of its child objects require an MVE annotation or MVE electronic signature.

For folder objects, you can delete the folder on an MVE site only if the folder is empty (has no child objects). To delete a non-empty folder on an MVE site, first delete the individual child objects in the folder. On a non-MVE site, you can delete both empty and non-empty folders.
Note: You are not prompted for MVE validation when you remove an offline engine from a site using the Delete functionality for the Network tree as offline engines are not treated as validated devices. Refer to What is an MVE site? for more details.