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When you manage alarms and audits, it is important to understand how the Discard action affects alarms and audits on your Metasys site. When you use Metasys UI on a server to discard alarms and audits, the discarded alarms and audits remain in the server's repositories and can still be viewed in System Activity. When you use Metasys UI on an engine to discard alarms and audits, the discarded alarms and audits are permanently deleted from the engine's repositories and you can no longer view them in System Activity.
Note: When you use a supported web browser to access Metasys UI on a child engine that is configured with Is Validated set to True, you cannot discard any audits, and cannot acknowledge or discard any alarms through System Activity or the Alarm Notification Bar. You can perform these actions only through the Site Director.

For Metasys UI on engines, use System Activity to manage your alarms and audits. For details about the System Activity feature, see System Activity. When you use Metasys UI on engines, System Activity has some differences from when you use Metasys UI on a server, as described in the following table.

Table 1. System activity differences between Metasys UI on servers and SNx engines
System activity component SNx engines Metasys Servers
Filter options Provides options for the start and end date and to filter selected network items. Additionally provides options to filter by Space & Equipment and to filter by Activity Type, discarded or non-discarded.
Actions menu Provides actions to acknowledge alarms and to discard alarms and audits. Additionally provides an action to annotate alarms and audits.
Table columns Does not include columns for spaces or equipment. In the Annotations column, icons indicate when system annotations exist.
Note: On engines, system annotations result from acknowledging alarms.
Includes separate columns for spaces and for equipment. In the Annotations column, icons additionally indicate when standard annotations exist that have been entered by users. For MVE sites, a different icon indicates when MVE annotations/signatures exist.
Note: On servers, system annotations result from acknowledging alarms, discarding alarms, and discarding audits.
Details panel Does not include fields for Space or for Equipment. Includes separate fields for Space and for Equipment.
Annotations window, opened from an annotation icon or a link Displays any existing system annotation but has no button to add a standard annotation. Displays existing system annotations, standard annotations, and MVE annotations/signatures. Also provides a button for users to add an additional standard annotation to any non-discarded audit or alarm.
Confirmation messages for single and bulk actions on alarms and audits Displays only a confirmation message, with no ability to include an annotation with the action. Displays a confirmation message along with an Add Annotation field you can use to include a standard annotation for the action.