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The Graphics Manager is available in Metasys UI only on servers. In Metasys UI on engines, you can view graphics but you must use JCT to create and modify your graphics.
Note: On sites with a server Site Director you can use Graphic Manager when logged onto the server to manage the graphics on the child engines. To create new graphics directly on a child engine, you must use JCT.

For information about Aliased Graphics for engines, see How do I create aliased graphics for an engine-only site?

Graphics offline creation and modification in JCT

In Metasys UI on engines, use JCT to create and modify your graphics. For more information about how to create and modify your graphics in JCT, refer to the How do I create, view, modify, and delete Metasys UI graphics on engines? section in the Johnson Controls System Configuration Tool (JCT) Help (LIT-12012116) .

Graphics folder in Network tree: From Release 13.0, SNx engines include a Graphics folder in the network tree where you can store Metasys UI Graphics. You can choose this folder as the location to create new graphics in JCT and to store graphics directly on a specific engine.
Note: Do not create a duplicate of the Graphics folder.
Engine Graphics Toolbar: The new toolbar is at the top of the building network tree when a user selects an engine's graphics folder. To create and delete graphics in a specific engine's Graphics folder, use the Engine Graphics Toolbar, which includes icons for the addition and deletion of graphics. This toolbar appears in JCT's Graphics Manager only when you select an engine's system-created Graphics folder or any graphic in that folder. The Engine Graphics Toolbar displays in Graphics Manager below the Location List drop-down and above the All Metasys UI Graphics folder.
Note: The Engine Graphics Toolbar does not display if you select any location in Graphics Manager other than an engine's Graphics folder or a graphic in that folder.
Figure 1. Engine graphics
Table 1. Engine graphics
Number Name Description
1 Add/+ icon Click to create a new graphic on an engine at the currently selected location.
2 Engine Graphics Toolbar Appears when you select the Graphics folder or any graphic in that folder, on any engine that supports Metasys UI graphics.
3 Delete icon Click to delete the selected graphic from an engine.
4 Graphics folder Use this system-created folder to store all of the Metasys UI graphics on an engine.

Nesting graphics: When you create graphics in a specific engine's Graphics folder, you can nest the graphics to create an organized hierarchy of up to seven levels. You can also create associated graphics for network items on engines, such as field controllers and alarm extensions.

Custom symbols support: Custom symbols are supported in Metasys UI only on servers. Custom symbols are not supported in Metasys UI for engines.

Viewing engine graphics in the Network tree

For engines, Metasys UI graphics appear in the Network tree in the engine's Graphics folder. To view a graphic on an engine, complete the following steps:

  1. From the Network tree, expand the engine’s Graphics folder.
  2. Select the graphic that you require. The graphic appears in the Graphics Viewer widget.